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RE: XF86Config file question - starting XWindows in level 3

>Message: 7
>Subject: RE: XF86Config file question - Nvidia Driver
>From: "Stephen Liu" <satimis icare com hk>
>To: <psyche-list redhat com>
>Date: 27 Aug 2003 17:48:16 +0800
>Reply-To: psyche-list redhat com
>Hi Michael,
>Thanks for your advice.  It works without problem.
>>From "Init 3" how to start xwindow
># xwindow
># service xwindow start
># xwindow start
>Ctrl + Alt + F7
>could not work.
>Thanks in advance.

Hi Stephen,

Simply type "startx" to use gui in level 3. When you type "init 5" you start the gui, but you also switch to level 5 which is a different level that level 3. The different levels can be set up run different configurations such as programs that you want to start up i.e. different "services" at boot time.

Just remember "I want to start x so I startx"


Michael von Lehe

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