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simple grep command....


A simple question... trying to do a search for a string in a file... i don't
know where on my harddrive the file is, nor do i know the name!! thought the
command should be something like:
	#grep -F -r "string" /

Obviously, it didn't work. In looking at the man page/examples on the net, I
can't quite get the command right.....

Yeah... I'm embarassed to be asking...

Thanks for any help!


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On Sat Feb 01 2003 at 00:06, Jesse Keating wrote:

> On Friday 31 January 2003 22:46, Tony Nugent uttered:
> > # for s in $(chkconfig --list | grep 3:on | cut -d\  -f1) ; do chkconfig
> > --level 5 $s on ; done
> >
> > Oh, on second thought, this might be needed first to ensure that
> > not set to start at runlevel 3 is also not started at runlevel 5...
> >
> > # for s in $(chkconfig --list | grep 3:off | cut -d\  -f1) ; do
> > --level 5 $s off ; done
> Most of these though won't alter what _order_ during that init phase they
> start.  The user had a problem becuase one service tried to start before

What you quoted here (somewhat out of context) are only "extended"
*examples* of the sorts of useful things that you can do with

> another was already running.  For that, not only do you have to set it to
> start at a certian run level, you have to set which ORDER it starts, and
> thats done by the preceding number to the service name in the rc#.d/
> directory.

Yes, I think we all understand that.  But you have missed the
point... /sbin/chkconfig just makes doing this a whole lot easier.

Simply edit the chkconfig start/stop order level settings in the
actual init script, then use chkconfig to envoke the changes.


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