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RE: User groups

Thanks Jay

I actually did delete the 'mike' group and assigned the groups users and
cvsusers to mike. Fortunately Im the only user now so its not a big deal if
I have to su to root to change ownership of my own files.  In the future Ill
follow your advice.  Thanks again for the reassurance.  


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Listman writes....
> When I create a new user, by default the user belongs to a group of 
> the same name.  Why is this?  It seems to me that having a group for 
> every single

It's for securty, and yes it probably is a little overkill.

> user is overkill.  Id like to have all users belong to a 'users' group 
> and then more priviledged users belong to an 'admin type group'.

Read the man page for 'adduser'.  Note the -g and -G options.

> My question is, can I delete the user groups that have the same name 
> us users?  Thanks in advance.

That's going to be a pain.
You're going to have the change groups for the files already created.  And
not all are in $HOME.  ie /var/spool/mail

You said, "When I create a new user......."
You mean "a" user as in one user?
Do the easy thing.  Just delete the user, and re-create it with the proper
-g and -G options.

FAR easier!

-- Jay Crews
jpc jaycrews com

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