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Re: Intel SE7500 CW2 and RedHat 8.0

Hello Iain,

The problem was the same wether APM and ACPI was enabled or disabled. Several times RH made a kernel-dump at the exact same spot. RH never got to write "Power down".

But when I changed to kernel-debug-2.4.18-14 everything seemed to work. 

We also experienced that our servers with Adaptec SCSI Raid 3200S locked up when booting. This wa also fixed when using the debugged kernel.

Frank Nørvig

AFAIK its not really a problem.  I assume its 'stalling' after the
message 'Power down' or 'system halted'?  My guess is because you've
turned off APM _and_ ACPI RH can't tell the computer to switch off, so
it just goes in the old windows state 'its now safe to turn off your
computer'.  You need at least one of these to do things shutdown and
power save functions.  If you're going to spend time on it, I recommend
ACPI because I think its intended to replace APM.
Iain Buchanan <iain nospam pcorp com au>
Reichel's Law:
 A body on vacation tends to remain on vacation unless acted upon
        by an outside force.

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