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Re: Redhat's Bind config tool

I am the person trying to fix the Red Hat config bind tool. The whitespace you are seeing is caused by xsl. Basically
the config data is stored in an XML database and the uses XSL to translate it to its final form (Not My design). When XSL translates the file it leaves all this white space.

I would appreciate people submitting bugs on any problems they have with this tool. I will try to fix and enhance this tool when I have time. I do not monitor this list that closely so putting problems in Bugzilla is helpful. Enhancement ideas and requests would be great also.


Tommy McNeely wrote:

I agree with the whitespace issue... but you dont need a FQDN in the zone file if the origin is set correctly?? none of mine have the FQDN.. only hostnames .. ofcourse after a bad experience with bind-config I use vim as my "config tool" :)


--On Saturday, January 18, 2003 03:59:45 PM -0800 Kevin Brouelette <kevin1a socal rr com> wrote:


I haven't seen this on this list since I've been here a week or so,
I've been using testing redhats bind-config tool and it has caused me a
breakdown until today.  When I use it to setup DNS files on a
fresh installed machine, the zone files look fine yet don't work.
I've found a few things by trial and error to share to see if others
have discovered the same.

After using the tool to create a couple of zones:

1st]   /etc/named.conf  The tool edits and saves a
variety of empty lines, white spaces at the trailing end of most of
the lines in the file, and if I open it with 'vi' in a gui terminal,
I see RED boxes scattered all over the place [even over letters in

So the first thing I do is clean up all the RED boxes, trailing 'white
and excessive blank lines.

2nd] When the tool creates a zonefile, [for example kbtest.com.zone] it
writes record as follows:

www IN A 123.234.345.456

This will fail. -But- if I change it to:

www.kbtest.com. IN A 123.234.345.456

along with the above fix to /etc/named.conf and restart named,
the zones resolve and all is good.

Comments welcome

Kevin B

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