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Re: Psyche-list digest, Vol 1 #947 - 10 msgs


Until just yesterday, I had the latest SuSE with KDE on one of two Linux
drives on this machine. Depending on what mirror I got SuSE from to do their
network install, KDE was more or less stable. I did the install three times
in the hope of making the desktop operate properly and was unsuccessful each
time. Odd panel applets would pop up unexpectedly, or I couldn't control the
speed of the various screen savers or whatever. I've had none of this with
Red Hat 8.0's default desktop. It's stable, it works. Now, admittedly, I had
the reiserfs on the drive when SuSE was installed, not ext3, so I don't know
to what degree the file system contributed to the instability. But I've made
some permanent changes in my network software because of it; its not a
toss-up here any more. Red Hat got the nod and was installed on two
workstations and a web server. I'm happy to learn that you got a decent file
system check, including the necessary remedies. Best wishes.

John Lowell

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> I think you're on to something.  I use KDE, though, not gnome, generally.
> I did enter halt -h from the terminal.  I seem to have had some
> a few times with runaway processes and junk, so your suggested scenario
seems likely.
> For instance, Klipper is constandly annoying me, popping up when it has no
business doing so and hasn't been called.  And ymessenger comes up at login
no matter what I do to the contrary.
> S'probably all just UTS bugs, I suppose...
> Anyway, she is up and running and I am writing to you now on the little
> Tony
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