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RE: xmms and Redhat 8.0

never mind.  I answered my own question.  If anyone else is interested here
is what I found out.  

 A couple of issues with the latest Redhat 8.0 release of XMMS: 

Can't add/play mp3s. 
Redhat decided to not ship any mp3 decoding software whatsoever in Redhat
8.0 (information), so you'll have a couple of options. 

go to http://www.xmms.org/ for mor info.

Download the mpg123 plugin here 

Download a replacement RPM for XMMS 
Users using freshrpms.net for apt-get can grab the package 'xmms-mp3' 

Compile and install XMMS from source. 

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	I have run into a little problem with redhat 8.0 and xmms.  I had my
machine running redhat 7.3 and xmms.  My sound card worked fineand I was
able to play mp3's without any problem.  

	I deciced to upgrade my machine to Redhat 8.0 and I did.  It it the
same machine as before but I cant get the mp3's to play.  every time I try
adding my mp3's to the playlist they dont get added, so I am unable to play

	Has anyone else experienced any problems with xmms on redhat 8.0?


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