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Re: Installing multiple PCMCIA cards on a Laptop - How?

On Tue, 2003-02-04 at 08:53, Levinshtein, Eyal wrote:
> I am attempting to install more then one NIC PCMCIA. (I don't need them to
> work together, just one at a time)  Each one serves different purpose. (e.g.
> Wireless, Wired, etc.)
> I got each one to work on RH Linux, my only problem is that when I install
> one, I got to remove the reference to other cards.
> What is the methodology to installing multiple PCMCIA cards?   I am really
> not sure I understand what to do here, since all of the cards claiming that
> they are "eth0"
> Please help.


I ran into the same problem with my previous laptop -- I needed my
wireless PCMCIA NIC to use at home, and my ethernet PCMCIA NIC to use at

The setup I got working, was to setup my wireless PCMCIA card as eth0
(which I did while at home), and then setup my ethernet PCMCIA card as
eth1 when I was at the office. During this setup, I had the wireless
PCMCIA card at home, not plugged in.

For whatever reason, it worked fine. Both cards came up as eth0 (since
only one was plugged in at a time), and when at the office I would see
an error about the incorrect module for eth0 being loaded, but it still
worked fine.

I never got the system to work correctly while both cards were plugged
in, even if only one card was connected to a network. As long as only
one card was plugged in, then whichever card was in use came up as eth0,
and it worked fine in spite of any error messages.

Hope this helps.

Dave Sherman
"If we wanted you to understand it, we wouldn't call it code."

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