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Re: Has Anyone successfully upgraded Redhat 8 to KDE 3.1

Dont know about what kind of RPM packages you talking about, because i
did not see nor official nor unofficial RPMs for RH 8.0, anyway i will
try to post some step-by-step instruction how-to build KDE 3.1 from
cources under RH 8.0 without to uninstall KDE 3.0.x
	You need the following source packages:
1) qt-x11-3.1.1 form www.trolltech.com
2) konstrukt from htpp://konsole.kde.org/konstruct/
3) all kde 3.1 src packages from: http://download.kde.org/

Info: you have to build qt-x11 by yourself and not with konstruct,
because konstruct will not build it with anti-aliasing support, and i am
sure you want anti-aliasing ;-))
 	A) Building qt-3.1.1:
unpack the qt-3.1.1 src package and move it in /usr/local/qt-3.1.1
	 You have to patch (by hand)
On line 40, where is: LIBS="Xft Xft2" must be changed to be:
next: cd /usr/local/qt-3.1.1
#./configure -system-zlib -qt-gif -system-libpng -system-libjpeg
-plugin-imgfmt-mng -thread -no-stl -no-exceptions -fast -no-xinerama
-prefix /usr/local/qt/ -I/usr/include/Xft2/ -lfontconfig


As you can see this will compile qt-3.1.1 with Xft2 support and you will
be able to do:
#make install 
which will install qt-3.1.1 binaries and libs in /usr/local/qt
 NOTE: (make install) is optional but if you miss it, then you have to
set env. variable QTDIR to point to /usr/local/qt-3.1.1 in next steps:
	B) Put all kde src packages in some direktory (we assume that this is
/usr/local/src/kde31. Dont Unpack THEM, just copy there !
	C) Unpack konstrukt:
#cd konstruct
#export QTDIR=/usr/local/qt (if you did make install in previous step,
otherwise set it to: /usr/local/qt-3.1.1)

Open with text editor gar.conf.mk , and do the following changes:
GARCHIVEDIR = /usr/local/src/kde31
	NOTE: We will install kde 3.1 in /usr/local, so to be able to start KDE
3.1 or KDE 3.0 (user choice when logs in system). DO NOT SET TO INSTALL
IN /usr BECAUSE THERE ARE SOME ERRORS WITH KDM (if u use it, otherwise
you can install kde 3.1 in /usr, but before that do: # rpm -e `rpm
-qa|grep kde` --nodeps )
prefix ?= /usr/local
          and the last line in gar.conf.mk shold become:
FILE_SITES = file://usr/local/src/kde31 file://$(FILEDIR)/

and thats all, now you can do:
	D)Compile KDE 3.1 with konstruct :
#cd meta/kde
#make install

go take a coffe, tea, beer, sleep ..... on my P III 850 Mhz this step
spend about 6 hours.
P.S. Almost forgot: After successfull compilation you must do the
following to enable start of KDE 3.1 
	E) You have the following choices:
		- Do what is said in konstruct/README ( for single user permanent
settings to start just KDE 3.1)
		- Do what i did ( let user choose in KDM):
With text editor make the file /usr/X11R6/bin/kde31, in which type
export QTDIR=/usr/local/qt
export KDEDIRS=/usr/local
export PATH=/usr/local/bin:/usr/local/qt/bin:$PATH
exec /usr/local/bin/startkde
chmod a+x /usr/X11R6/bin/kde31
	And the last thing you have to do is to start old KDE 3.0.3 as root (
if you did not start it) or as root to start 
Control-Center-> System ->Login Manager -> Sessions tab , where you must
to add session with name "KDE3.1"

На вт, 2003-02-04 в 18:30, Ross Ferson записа:
> Hello 
> I am running RH8.0 and want KDE 3.1. I tried using some binary rpms
> and it didn't upgrade (i used rpm -Uvh --force) and upon reboot 90% of
> KDE 3.1 was there and working. However there were many many errors.
> Has anyone successfully upgraded RH8.0 to KDE 3.1? If so can you step
> by step me how? I would really appreciate it as i have given windows
> xp the boot and am trying to make RH my only OS. THanks

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