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Re: Has Anyone successfully upgraded Redhat 8 to KDE 3.1

Well i built from source but went about it a different way.

I first built qt  then arts kde-lib kde-base and then the rest.  i have
it set in my bash.rc file to use my qt and kde3.1 dirs instead of kde


On Wed, 2003-02-05 at 18:33, Ivaylo Toshev wrote:
> Dont know about what kind of RPM packages you talking about, because i
> did not see nor official nor unofficial RPMs for RH 8.0, anyway i will
> try to post some step-by-step instruction how-to build KDE 3.1 from
> cources under RH 8.0 without to uninstall KDE 3.0.x
> 	You need the following source packages:
> 1) qt-x11-3.1.1 form www.trolltech.com
> 2) konstrukt from htpp://konsole.kde.org/konstruct/
> 3) all kde 3.1 src packages from: http://download.kde.org/
Dennis Gilmore <dennis dgilmore net>

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