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Re: Battery on Laptop

I'm using kernel 2.4.18-24.7, with RH 7.3.
I have found a linux user website with almost the same laptop a Acer
Aspire 1300LC.
There was suggestion for using the NoflushD deamon and rtdvs.
Is this a good idee?

Op wo 05-02-2003, om 04:51 schreef Bret Comstock Waldow:
> Hi,
> I searched and located this discussion of differing battery
> technologies, and some aspects of using them in laptops:
> http://www.laptopsagain.com/laptop_battery_tips.htm
> It doesn't address Linux specific power saving issues, but might help
> with battery aging issues and with the perennial "always discharge them
> completely" discussion.
> You haven't mentioned which linux kernel you are using, from which
> distribution, on which laptop.  Tools available in one aren't available
> in another, alternatives may not be implemented in your model of laptop,
> etc.  Could you tell us that sort of thing to start?
> Meaning no criticism by this, notice that with what you've told us so
> far, about all anyone could tell you is "go read"  8-)
> If you can provide more specific information, someone might provide more
> specific answers.
> Cheers,
> Bret

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