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Re: Screen Command

Ross Ferson wrote:
> RH vs Other Distributionshere is a scenario:
> I am at work, and I am ssh'd into my box at home.  I start a long
> process and it is still running when i leave for home.  When i get
> home i would like to "take over" the session that i started at work.
> ie. see what is going on and interact with it.  I was told the screen
> command could do this but i read up and can't get it to work.  Is it
> poss?  if it is, could you show me an example to accomplish my task?
> thanks~

Ahhh - screen is your best friend EVER :)
I've used it for a little more than 3 years, and I wonder how I did before

In your case - at work, start your session with "screen". Then start using
your terminal. Screen will even keep multiple terminals open - use ctrl-a+c
to create a new session. You can have at least 10 sessions (0-9) open, plus
a few additional special symbols (like -). To switch between sessions, use
ctrl-a # where # is the screen number. Try ctrl-a+? to get a nice help on
what commands are available.

When done at work, you can either just keep your session up and lock your
terminal, or you can deatch the screen session and log out. To detach you
use ctrl-a+d. Now you can logout or secure your terminal as usual.

>From home, you'll ssh back (or whatever you use) into the box. To get a hold
of your detached screen session you write "screen -rd" (resume detached) -
and you're right back where you left off at work :)

You can have multiple screen process per user - which will make the command
a little tougher to write (screen -list) but keep to one screen process in
the beginning - makes things a bit easier.

To exit screen, just terminate the sessions inside screen, and when the last
one terminates, screen terminates.

Once you get used to screen, you'll find a series of interesting commands to
do fun things.

  Peter Larsen

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