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Re: Screen Command

Ross Ferson wrote:
> Ok,
> maybe i should have been more clear.  I am running win2k at work (not
> my choice) and i use putty to ssh to my home box.  how does that
> change things?

Not at all - it is actually almost the setup I use too - work laptop is W2K
and I use putty to get to all our server boxes. At work I use my Linux
workstation for many tasks, and I use screen to get back to those (when
needed). But most of all, I use screen to avoid having to make multiple
terminals to one host. ctrl-a+c creates a new session so much faster, and
it's very easy to toggle between the sessions - and I end up with one large
window, easier to manage. That screen allows me to resume previously
attached sessions elsewhere (or even currently attached sessions - hence
the -d parameter, detach) is a big plus.

You'll use putty to connect to your box as usual - using ssh or telnet - it
doesn't matter. Once logged on, you resume your screen session using
'screen -rd' (or just screen -r but I've found that it doesn't always work
without the -d). When you want to leave
the session, but not kill it, you do a ctrl-a+d, and then log out as normal.

This is the same procedure, regardless how you got to the box - from xterm,
ssh or putty.

> Thanks a lot for your time.

You're welcome :)
Glad to be able to help.

  Peter Larsen

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