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Re: Screen Command

Ross Ferson wrote:
> OK not to be a pain but this is going to be a long compile, so i want
> to get this right :)

Ok :)

> Putty (ssh to box.com) to box and start compile (make install)
> stuff is going all over screen (make installing ), how do i let it
> keep going and detach to pick up later?

While the compile is ongoing, hit ctrl-a+d
The compile continues in the background (check with top or vmstat to be
Close session.

> after that when i get home to the host box, i open up terminal and
> get: #
> i type screen -rd ?

Yes - that brings you back into the session to where it has now reached.
You can scroll within screen too - ctrl-a+] enables "copy/paste" buffer,
which will allow you to use your arrow/page up/down to browse back in
process history.

I've used screen on some boxes to run setiathome - and it works great :)  I
have the char-gui running, so I can see the progress, and when I resume
screen it's easy to see how far the calculations are going.

> I guess where i am not getting it is using putty do i use the screen
> command BEFORE i start entering the commands?

Putty is your emulator. You use it to get your connection to your box. Once
logged on, and you have your $ prompt, screen is just a command like any
other. Screen only saves what you run within it's environement, so as long
as you remember to start your compile within screen, the rest is rather

Best Regards
  Peter Larsen

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> From: "Peter Larsen" <plarsen famlarsen homelinux com>
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> Sent: Wednesday, February 05, 2003 12:03 PM
> Subject: Re: Screen Command
>> Ross Ferson wrote:
>>> Ok,
>>> maybe i should have been more clear.  I am running win2k at work
>>> (not my choice) and i use putty to ssh to my home box.  how does
>>> that change things?
>> Not at all - it is actually almost the setup I use too - work laptop
>> is W2K and I use putty to get to all our server boxes. At work I use
>> my Linux workstation for many tasks, and I use screen to get back to
>> those (when needed). But most of all, I use screen to avoid having
>> to make multiple terminals to one host. ctrl-a+c creates a new
>> session so much faster, and it's very easy to toggle between the
>> sessions - and I end up with one large window, easier to manage.
>> That screen allows me to resume previously attached sessions
>> elsewhere (or even currently attached sessions - hence the -d
>> parameter, detach) is a big plus.
>> You'll use putty to connect to your box as usual - using ssh or
>> telnet - it doesn't matter. Once logged on, you resume your screen
>> session using 'screen -rd' (or just screen -r but I've found that it
>> doesn't always work without the -d). When you want to leave
>> the session, but not kill it, you do a ctrl-a+d, and then log out as
>> normal.
>> This is the same procedure, regardless how you got to the box - from
>> xterm, ssh or putty.
>>> Thanks a lot for your time.
>> You're welcome :)
>> Glad to be able to help.
>> Regards
>>   Peter Larsen
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