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Re: One To One NAT

From: <EricRyd cdw com>

> > I'm trying to setup a Router using One to One NAT on RH 8.  Anyone know
> > any good documents or ideas on how to do this?  I'm assumingI will be
> > using
> > IPTables, just not sure how to do it all.
> >
> > Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Eric, have you gone to the iptables/nefilter site on the web? It mentions
rather prominently the support mailing list. I would really suggest you join
that mailing list and ask this question. Nobody on these Red Hat lists seems
to know how to do this.

It would be nice if you came back here and told us what the wisdom of that
other mailinglist amounted to.

http://www.netfilter.org/ aka http://www.iptables.org/ pick your own name
for the site.

--8<-- From the "What is netfilter/iptables?" section this is paragraph 5

"If you still have questions after reading the documentation, please have
a look at the Contacts section and ask your question on the appropriate



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