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Re: bugzilla ticket #83353

On Wednesday 05 February 2003 18:27, James Bunnell wrote:
> If anyone has access to read this ticket number please do so. I have no
> clue what Mr. Fox is trying to do here. As I have stated to Redhat
> support, this is a Redhat isssue as the files he speaks of here, came
> directly from the Redhat 8.0 packaged boxset purchased directly from
> Redhat. So, if I have a package that is as he says, then I will presume
> Redhat has committed fraud by his own admission.

Seems as you have resolved this already...

------- Additional Comment #14 From James Bunnell on 2003-02-06 12:10 -------

Ahhh, it worked that way. I forgot the -Uvh the first time and just installed
it. Thank you very much. Sorry for my temper, it was just really annoying.

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