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Re: S3 video drivers

On 6 Feb 2003, Patrick Marquetecken wrote:

>i have downloaded the S3 twistervideo driver for XFree86 4.1.0 X Server,
>it contains two files:
>but i have no idee what to do with those files , there is no readme with

When posting to a technical mailing list it is useful to specify your 
distribution (eg. FreeBSD 6.0), your kernel (eg 2.4.19-2) and anything 
else that might be relevant.  In this case your distribution makes a 
huge difference to the answer to the question because different 
distributions put files in different places.

On my system (Red Hat 8.0) the drivers for video cards are stored in 

You should copy/move the savage_drv.o file into that directory.  Make 
sure that the permissions are the same as the other drivers in that 
directory.  If you don't know how to do that then read the manuals that 
came with your distribution and/or the HOWTOs at http://www.tldp.org  
and/or the RUTE tutorial at that site.

This question has been asked and answered before on this list and I'm 
sure that if you do a Google search you'll find more detailed answers.  
That should be your starting point for any question:  search the net to 
see if it has been answered before.  That way, people on these lists can 
spend time helping people who've already researched the topic a little.

Oisin Feeley

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