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Re: disk partition

On Thu, 2003-02-06 at 18:21, Shane C Branch wrote:
> Are there any 'rules of thumb' to follow when partitioning a disk for linux? In
> the past, I have always partitioned my disk by defining mount points for /,
> /boot, /opt, /var /usr, /usr/local, /tmp and /home separately. I would define
> swap space at 2x physical RAM. However, I always guessed at the sizes for each
> partition, except for /home, for which I would set the 'grow to fill disk'
> option.
> I have just started playing with RH 8, so I'm looking for method to eliminate
> the guesswork. Any suggestions are appreciated.


Here is the breakdown for the general usage of partitions:

Swap partition should be twice physical ram size. There used to be a
128MB limit, but that is gone now.

root or / partition holds all system files. RedHat 8, with the
everything option is 4.5 GB. My root is 8 GB since I am greedy.

/usr/local is where files installed by users will be placed. That should
go accordingly. For example I have Unreal Tournament installed, and that
took up 2.7GB of space in /usr/local/games. This partition should be one
of the biggest if that is what you do.

/boot holds the kernel and boot files. Mine is 250MB, but that is large.
For RH 8 you can get away with 75MB, but I prefer larger mysel;f as I
keep more kernels around.

/home is where your users personal files are stored. I have a 20GB home
partition, and I am the only one on the machine. That is overkill in my
case. If you download a lot of software though, which I do, then  it
should be sized accordingly. A developer for example would need a larger
/home partition due to all the files they will have. 

/var is traditionally more for logs and print spoolers, but RH has made
it the place for web server files and the ftp root.

Bottom line is it is all relative to what your purpose is. If the
machine is a web server or ftp server, with the default RH setup, then
/var would be another partition where you would want larger.

Hope I helped a little.

> regards,
> shane.

Eric Burke

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