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Re: window on all workspaces by default

On Fri, Feb 07, 2003 at 12:20:25AM -0500, Eric Bourque wrote:
> Is there a way in metacity to have a window automatically placed on all
> workspaces by default? I want to load gkrellm every time I log in, and
> have it available on all workspaces, without having to right click it
> and choose "put on all workspaces".

Not sure about if there's a way to tell an application that anytime it
starts, it should appear on all workspaces, but if you always want gkrellm
available when you are logged in, you can just use the "saved session"
feature of Gnome.  Get all of your workspaces set up as you wish (with
gkrellm on all the workspaces and whatever other applications you want
running anytime you log in) then run "gnome-session-save" which will save
the session (alternatively you can just click the "save current setup"
button that appears when you select "Logout" from the main menu.)  Then the
next time that you log in, all of your applications should start up just
as you had them before logging out.

- jkt

Jay Turner, QA Manager          jkt redhat com               Red Hat, Inc. 

      No amount of experimentation can ever prove me right;
      a single experiment can prove me wrong.   -- Albert Einstein 

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