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[Fwd: Binary only RPM ??]

This is probably the wrong place to ask, hopefully someone
can point me to the right place. 

   I am new to making RPMs. I've read over the "maximum RPM" guide
and don't understand how (or if possible) to do a simple binary-only
RPM. The guide seems to imply that you must do a build in order to
create an RPM. Our build process is not fully developed. Some of it is
done by hand. Also, this is proprietary software to run on our servers
at client locations, so we don't want to include source. 

  What I want to do is take the compiled binaries (and a few config/data
files) and make a binary installation RPM. Scripting the whole build
process in order to build an RPM seems like overkill for what I'm 
trying to do. 

  Is there an easy way to just package files and tell RPM where to 
put them on install? 


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