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Re: [Fwd: Binary only RPM ??]

On Fri, 2003-02-07 at 17:13, Allan M. Stewart wrote:
> This is probably the wrong place to ask, hopefully someone
> can point me to the right place. 
>    I am new to making RPMs. I've read over the "maximum RPM" guide
> and don't understand how (or if possible) to do a simple binary-only
> RPM. The guide seems to imply that you must do a build in order to
> create an RPM. Our build process is not fully developed. Some of it is
> done by hand. Also, this is proprietary software to run on our servers
> at client locations, so we don't want to include source. 

when you rpmbuild -ba, you create a name-version-arch.rpm cointaining
only binaries and a name-version.src.rpm containing only source and spec
>   What I want to do is take the compiled binaries (and a few config/data
> files) and make a binary installation RPM. Scripting the whole build
> process in order to build an RPM seems like overkill for what I'm 
> trying to do. 

is it really harder to write a Makefile than a spec file?
>   Is there an easy way to just package files and tell RPM where to 
> put them on install? 

maybe you can make rpmbuild do only the already scripted part od build
process, then stop; then you complete the build/install/whatever inside
the rpm build root; then you restart rpmbuild to complete the packaging.
Maybe --short-circuit will be your friend. 

Anyway I feel this is harder than an average Makefile w/ "all:" and
"install:" entries...

good luck


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