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Compaq DL380 G3/aic7xxx problem


 I'm running a 2.4.18-14smp kernel with the 6.2.28 aic7xxx driver. The
system hangs when doing I/O to the hardware raid disks attached to the
aic7899 interface.

 When the system hangs there is nothing written to the logs, a running top
shows nothing unusual (lots of memory, sway and a reasonable load
average). The keyboard does not respond and video is blank. The network
card does not respond to a ping.

 The only thing unusual with this system is that the hardware raid
controller is set up to show 8 devices using 1 scsi id and 8 lun.

 So where to look? Is it a problem with the aic7xxx driver, the interrupt
system in the compaq or the phase of the moon.

 As a sided note: the raid controller using this configuration was moved
over from a DL380 G1 machine running RH7.1 (unknown aic7xxx version) where
it worked without problems for over a year.

Thanks, Ethan

Ethan VanMatre
Center for Coastal and Land-Margin Research
Department of Environmental Science and Engineering
OGI School of Science & Engineering
Oregon Health & Science University
(503) 748-1157 evm ccalmr ogi edu

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