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Re: Kernel Compile Question

On Mon, 10 Feb 2003, Mark Hoover wrote:

> Jesse,
> Thanks for the help.  I tried this over the weekend and amazingly enough
> it works great.  I was seriously expecting some kind of boot error by leaving
> that initrd line out.
> I will note however, RH7.x used a root=/dev/<partition> notation for it's
> Lilo/Grub config files.  RH8 seems to have moved to a root=LABEL=/ notation
> which might be the cause of the initial ramdisk showing up during the kernel
> build.  The kernel I built for some reason doesn't understand the newer
> notation, but changing it back to the old form makes the kernel boot
> perfectly.

if you want to use the "root=LABEL=/" label notation, then you need
to use the initrd, or build ext3 support right into the kernel.
if you're happy with the /dev notation, you're fine without it.

once upon a time, i knew why this was true. :-(


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