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Re: Problems printing from OpenOffice to CUPS

Dusan Djordjevic wrote:
Hi all,

I am using OpenOffice.org shipped with Red Hat 8. I have CUPS printer which works fine with KDE. But when I try to print from OpenOffice.org it mostly fails (OO can use CUPS printers since i have it in list). Doesn't print any error message or something similar, just it doesnt print anything.

Thanks in advance...

You need to define your printer in OO.o using the oopadmin printer setup program. Run oopadmin as root and define your printer, driver, page setup, etc. While OO.o will print OK sometimes to a local print queue, everything prints better after you define your printers to it (regardless of the underlying print system). For me, some things won't print at all (like envelopes) until the printers are defined.

In StarOffice, the print setup program is called spadmin instead off oopadmin.

Best Regards,
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