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Re: Digital signature

> Hi,
> Outlook doesn't support OpenPGP. Period. There are ugly hacks (by PGP
> and others) that include the signed and encrypted messages in the body
> of the message, but that invites new problems.
He uses pgp 8.0 not openpgp.
> I just select the content, paste it to a file, and then verify/decrypt.
It's a idee
> And evolution doesn't screw my emails either...
Well it dit. I dit a cut and paste from a older mail into a new one and
it ended empty on this list, not once but several times !!
I send some e-mails to friends as test and the were good. It was just
that e-mail to this list, wy ??
When i typed it over it went well.

> Rui

Knowledge in a databank,is like food which is in a deepfreeze.
Nothing comes out better than what is initially put in.

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