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Re: RE forward eth0 to ppp0

I posted an example for all this in my forum.. 


feel free to drop by n comment etc.  thanks for the direction.. worked
great, though not a newbee compatable method,, it works .. Next Ill link
my notebook via adhock wireless and later bluetooth to this gateway. :)

Lates all..
PS: Should I build up a mirror of our threads in my xforum? Ive been
thinking of it.. maybe even doing a mailbox script that auto maps the
psyche mail into a psyche forum?

Ny hoo cool...

On Wed, 2003-02-12 at 00:19, jdow wrote:
> For that you need to setup NAT, masquerading. For this you need to setup
> iptables. This is actually a good thing to do when you connect to the
> internet, anyway. You cannot use ordinary routing because will
> never propagate over most Internet routers because that is in one of several
> reserved address spaces for private networks.
> You can learn about iptables at http://www.netfilter.org/ and you can lean
> about masquerading at http://ipmasq.cjb.net/. The latter address has some
> example iptables scripts that should get you going with minimal effort.
> {^_^}
> ----- Original Message -----
> From: "auzie morgan" <auzie auzievision com>
> > Any one have a strait forward suggestion on forwarding all eth0
> > incoming traffic to a ppp0 gateway? I have ipv.forward = 1 that wasn't
> > enough.. I could swear with two eth's this is fairly simple.. static
> > routes file doesn't get it as the dev ppp0 does not exist when the net
> > starts.. adding a static route almost got it, but then it fragmented and
> > stoped routing.. apache Proxy keeps getting stuck over read permissions
> > on sites like yahoo.. so I really would rather setup a caching dns and
> > route so that systems in the lan can route through the system with the
> > modem connect .. its a ptp connection..
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