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still installing 8.0 on HP Kayak

So, many interesting events have transpired since we last discussed

1. I'm trying to install RedHat 8.0 on an HP Kayak
2. Kayak's configuration
	2 500mhz Pent. III's
	3 SCSI hard drives (no RAID card)
	512 meg of RAM
3. I've learned how to get the kernel to see both CPU's (thanks!)
4. I've tried an install of WinBlows 2000 Professional
	it found both CPU's and all three hard drives
	it (correctly) found no RAID controller
5. From 4, above, I've concluded that there are not hardware/BOIS
6. The Red Hat install only found one of the SCSI hard drives, even
though it loaded the proper SCSI driver without displaying any error
7.After trying to get Red Hat 8.0 installed the system hangs with what I
believe is a POST message: "error loading operating system"

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance, 

Steve Strong
Computer Science Teacher
Washington High School
2205 Forest Dr. SE
Cedar Rapids, Iowa   52403
phone: 319-398-2161
email: sstrong crwash org
web: http://crwash.org

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