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Pushing updates ?

What is the best way to update many servers at customer sites? 

Let say for example that a new SSH package comes out. Since this is
security related, we probably DO want to get this update on all
of our servers in customer sites. Isn't there something better
than telnet'ing into each server, FTP'ing (or other method) a RPM
there and running RPM to update. 

There is rsync, but that end runs around the RPM package manager. 
Since these servers may not be identical clones, I think package 
management is recommended. Yes?

Caldera gave us a sales presentation about a year ago and they had
something (volution?) that did this, but their licensing costs were
way high. They priced themselves out of the picture. Does RedHat
or any third party have something to make remote system/package 
management easier for many (100+) systems?


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