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Re: kernel upgrade/ kickstart question

Jesse Keating wrote:
On Wednesday 12 February 2003 16:52, Stephen Mah wrote:


We have a kickstart server, hosting RH 8.0. I've just updated the RPMS
folder with updated kernel rpms: kernel-2.4.18-14.i586.rpm,
kernel-2.4.18-14.i686.rpm, kernel-source-2.4.18-14.i386.rpm, etc...

I ran the genhdlist command and it seems to load the OS fine. However, I
 am now getting /dev/dsp errors. Something like "cannot open /dev/dsp",
and obviously the sound does not work with the updated kernel.

Do I need to include other errata packages for this to work?

Personally, I do all errata as a postinstall process. The Red Hat installer has not been tested with new package sets, and isn't recommended to work. Doing the base install, then applying applicable errata has worked great for us so far.

muchos gracias

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