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Re: Pushing updates ?

On Thu, 13 Feb 2003, Keith Winston wrote:

> I haven't tried autorpm, but I was aware of it.  I did not know about 
> yum, but I spent a little time with it today and got it working to 
> update a package on a test machine.
> Yum is definately a little easier to set up based on the documentation 
> (and now my one day experience with it).

FWIW I used autorpm a long time ago and abandoned it for autoupdate. 
I am still using autoupdate here on several machines but I an mow in
the process of converting to yum. Each has it's advantages and disadvantages
but for me yum is the easiest and most reliable updating program I have found.
Also yum is quite capable of doing "hot upgrades". I have tested this a couple
of times and so far it works as advertised. It only requires a reboot to switch 

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			with good software." -- Bill Gates 1976

   			We are still waiting ....

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