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Re: RH8.0 on Dell Dimension 4300S - Linux compatible??

On Fri, 2003-02-14 at 11:08, John Nall wrote:
> OK, I guess it is time to get down to the specifics now, and ask for some 
> specific advice.  I am running RH8.0 on my 4300S and cannot activate 
> eth0.  It fails.   Fails when it boots up, and then fails again if I try 
> and activate it with SYSTEM SETTINGS --> NETWORK.
> I note that Linux has identified the ethernet adapter as a 3Com 501, 
> although it is a PRO200WL (yes, I checked it to be sure).  When I tried to 
> do an edit to make it a CNET PRO200WL that is not one of the choices given 
> in the selection.

What is more important is not the brand and model, but the chipset on
the card. It is possible that both the 3Com 501 and the Pro200WL have
the same chipset.

According to the Linux-Tested website, the driver module to use is dmfc.
Run the command 'lsmod' to list the kernel modules currently loaded, and
confirm that this module is loading. Also, run 'dmesg' and direct its
output into a text file ('dmesg > dmesg.txt'). Start looking for error
messages when the module loads, and see if it is even trying to load the
correct module.

Let us know what you find.

Dave Sherman
"If we wanted you to understand it, we wouldn't call it code."

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