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Re: PDC and Windows Domain Logon Setup

It is listed somewhere  not sure where  but you need to edit the windows
registry to allow xp to join a samba controlled domain

you have a couple of options available to you to do this  they are 

Option 1: Manual registry editing
Start Regedit, navigate to:


and change



Option 2: The only way Microsoft advocate changing this setting
     1. Use Control Panel to open Local Security Policy in the
        Administrative Tools.
     2. Navigate to Local Policies / Security Options.
     3. Double-click Domain Member:Digitally encrypt or sign secure
        channel data (always).
     4. Press Disabled.
     5. Press Apply and OK.

Option #3: registry file
Save the followig text to requiresignorseal.reg and then right


This file can be found in the docs/Registry directory of the Samba 2.2.2
source distribution as WinXP_SignOrSeal.reg.


 On Sat, 2003-02-15 at 20:49, Wei Xiong wrote:
> I'm trying to setup Red Hat Linux 8 as Primary Domain Controller only for
> >purpose of Windows XP domain logon.
> >
> >I setup the DNS and Samba server, then I use IP of the Linux as the DNS
> >for Windows XP Clients.
> >
> >When I tried to add Windows XP clients to the domain, it cannot find the
> >domain controller even in the smb.conf file, I've already enabled the
> >domain logon and so on. I found there is a document in /usr/share/... to
> >show me how to setup PDC, but it didn't mention how to setup a Windows XP
> >client. It didn't give an example of how to setup the whole thing.
> >
> >Could you tell me where can I get more help for this. I've checked almost
> >all the Technical books for Red Hat Linux 8, None of them really talk
> >about this in detail.
> >
> >You can contact by email to wxio12 hotmail com
> >
> >Thanks.
> >Wei
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