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Re: OT tunning network

On Sunday 16 February 2003 01:00 pm, faisal gillani wrote:
> Well sorry for this Ot Question
> i have a 100mbps network
> utp cable 10/100 mbps switch hub
> 60 clients consisting of Linux , Windows & solaris O/S
> Dns is used for name resolution
> there is a local webserver "Apache" running on my
> network which provides large media files to clients as
> downloads...
> the problem that when clients downloads the download
> speed they get is ranging from 400kbps to 1.5 mbps ..
> both in rush hour & off hours .
> so i wanted to know is that normal ? if not then wat
> can be the problem & how can i fix it ?
> thankx for reading
A couple of questions...

What type/brand/model router ar you using?
You referenced cable---what kind? Cat 5?
Are these internal or external clients?
What is the distance between the server and (1) the router/switch and 
(2) if the clients are on the same subnet/switch/router, what is the 
distance between them and the switch/router/server?


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