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Re: Grip

On Sun Feb 16 2003 at 22:46, Antonio Montagnani wrote:

> I started playing with Grip today and I have two problems.
> 1) Ripping is operating only as root (and no operation happens as user)

I won't answer this directly myself, but by changing permissions on
a few things you should be about to get it happening as a user.
(Hopefully others will take up the banner here :)

> 2) I can' find the MP3 encoder as RPM.

No, you won't.  At least not in the standard distro since all the
mp3 software was pulled due to licencing issues -- see the release
notes for psyche:


  Due to patent licensing, and conflicts between such patent
  licenses and the licenses of application source code, MPEG-1/2
  audio layer 3 (mp3) support has been removed from applications in
  Red Hat Linux such as XMMS and noatun. Red Hat suggests the use of
  Ogg Vorbis?, an open, non-proprietary, patent-and-royalty-free
  compressed audio format.

Ogg vorbis is very good: generally well supported, open source, and
gets as good or better compression and quality as mp3.

Meanwhile, go to http://psyche.freshrpms.net/ and there you will
find *lots* of multimedia software for redhat boxes, including
everything you'll need for mp3.

> Any suggestion??
> Tnx
> Antonio M.


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