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Re: Redhat 8.0 and 2Gb RAM

That sounds just like me. I guess there is nothing else to do besides working with less than 2Gb, right? Any experiences with 1.5Gb? Are your stable systems also dual Athlons? What system would you recommend for 2Gb RAM?

Thanks, Dimi.

At 01:39 PM 2/16/2003 -0600, you wrote:
>>>>> "DD" == Dimitri Deserranno <ddeserranno yahoo com> writes:

DD> However, with 2Gb RAM my system locks up during the install.

I have three dual Athlon systems which are stable with 1GB of RAM but
will lock up randomly with 2GB.  I have other systems which are
perfectly stable with 2GB.  Linux is fine; the hardware is just

 - J<

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