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Re: JSP on RH8.0

Norman Gaywood wrote:
What is the best way to get JSP on a RH8.0 system?

I suspect that tomcat (3 or 4?) is the way to go and I came across the
RPMs at http://www.jpackage.org/

This site seems to contain the RPMs from hell! There are so many
dependencies. After downloading about 20 packages for tomcat4, there
are still missing dependencies one of which does not seem to exist.

So I must be missing something, I can't believe anyone would go through
this.  I'm thinking it would be easier to build from source, just like
the old days.

Any tips?

One can, of course, build from sources, but you can also go here:


and follow the links to download binaries for linux, for Redhat, even!

If you snoop and don't find, hollar back and I'll see if I can return to the exact location you might need.


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