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RE: Filesystems

Probably because it is much harder to support all these filesystems. The
fact that RedHat doesn't just throw in every piece of software it can grab
allows them to create very stable and supportable distro.

Also, their new support policy only limits support lifetime for their
"non-advanced" distros. During the lifetime you get the support you entitled
for (depends on how you aquired it).


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From: David Grudek anixter com [mailto:David Grudek anixter com]
Sent: Tue, February 18, 2003 5:34 PM
To: psyche-list redhat com
Subject: Filesystems

Does anyone know why different filesystems are available on so many of the
other distro's but Red Hat does not support them.  Mandrake, Suse, Debian,
Slackware, and others do support xfs.  It handles acl's natively and Red Hat
took out acl support in there new kernel yet they won't support filesystems
that do support ACL's.  I called Red Hat to ask questions about the issue
but they went off claiming that all of these other distro's suck.  I think
so far that all these other distro's have more support for these different
situations.  They also claimed that just recently that they changed their
policy, even if you buy a copy of Red Hat they will not support you like
they did before, unless you buy the advanced server version.  I am a newbie
to linux trying to get off of M$ but this does not seem like a place with
any better attitude then M$ themselves. I hope that I am wrong.  If anyone
has had different ex! periences with Red Hat  please let me know.  I am
hoping that I just got a guy in a bad mood.  If any one know's where you can
put in a request for new features to be added to the distro for Red Hat I
would appreciate it.

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