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Internet Connection Sharing with Linux

There is something I can't seem to grasp, and so far I have not found the answer. I'm trying to ween myself away from Windows and migrate to Linux (for several reasons) but gosh it sure is not easy to do even when one is determined. How in the world do you accomplish ICS???

With Windows XP I just set up one machine as the one with access to the Internet (through a dial-in modem) using the Network Configuration Wizard. The other two machines (on a 3-machine home LAN) then are set up as having their access through the network. Easy to do, works like a charm. (I am NOT praising Windows, merely observing that it is easy to do this).

It is not easy with Linux. With assistance from people here, pointing me to HOWTO's and tutorials, I think that I have managed to get the dial-up machine working OK, but setting up the other two machines to access the Internet through the network seems to be a black hole. Using the Network Configuration tool (from Gnome) on them merely seems to duplicate what I already did when setting up the Ethernet connection. Do they have to know an IP address for a name server?? This takes place at my ISP, so I don't have any way of knowing the IP address for it.

As I said, I'm doggedly trying to do this switch over, but it sure is not easy. Sometimes I think that Linux afficionados just take a peverse pride in things being difficult. That way, just everyone and his or her brother can't do it. :-) (If I am honest with myself, I will probably be the same way once I get it down. IF I live long enough).


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