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Re: system halts at "bring up the loopback interface..."

On Tue, 18 Feb 2003, Tengjiao HU wrote:

>I just installed RH8.0 on my laptop, Sony GRX520. The whole installation
>process went smoothly and it completely without any problem. But when it
>reboots after the installation, the system halted at "bring up the loopback
>interface", which is after it succeeded in probing the hardwares.

Is it trying to get an IP by DHCP immediately after that?  

Is the hardware similar to the GRX570 ?  If so then this page (and its 
author) may be helpful:  http://ted.serreyn.com/vaiogrx570.htm

>Other small problem is about the email list. Can I set up the prefence at a
>daily choice, one email about all disscusion on one day, not many separated
>emails. Thanks.

If you go back to the URL that you subscribed at you can set "digest" 
on, alternatively you can send a mail to psyche-list-request redhat com 
with the subject "help" and it will give you more detailed instructions.  
You can find this sort of information by examining the headers of mails 
in most mailing-lists.

Oisin Feeley

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