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Re: how to forbid someone to do an ftp outside of my network?

On Wed, 19 Feb 2003, Raoul Beauduin wrote:

> I looking for a way to forbid someone to make an ftp on a host outside
> of my network without removing the ftp client from the computer.
> How can I do that?

Break their fingers?  :-)

You need to be slightly more specific in your request....

This user, are they:

1.  On the same host as RH is installed and are they they only user?

2.  Are they on a different box with a fixed IP address?

3.  Are they going through a firewall?

4.  Do you want to restrict them to no ftp....or just some ftp?

5.  How many users do you have to manage?

The answer is "probably yes" but the solution depends on the situation.


Oh, the list of questions above is in no way intended to be the only
questoins to be asked.....probably.  :-)

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