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re: this is the subject line that never ends, it is very very longmy friend, it is so long it cannot be read, because its the subject linethat never ends (was Re: OT: RE: Psyche-list digest)

1. Top Post.  Everyone loves it, and it makes conversations easier to
read when they go backwards, especially if others haven't top posted.

On Wed, 2003-02-19 at 01:37, CW Griffin wrote:
> I can't help but reply... is there some way to require that people at
> least read an FAQ on mailing list etiquette or at least have
> demonstrable skills to that effect before subscribing?  It just seems
> that lately there has been quite a bit of 'lack of attention to detail'
> displayed (a recent poster's inability to unsubscribe comes to mind).  I
> don't truly wish to single anyone out, but if we are not shown our
> errors, how will we learn?
2. Quote entire messages.  We all have superfast unlimited internet
connections right?  And we all have too much time on our hands
(otherwise we wouldn't be here) so we need something to do, and what is
better than sifting large emails for relevent info.

> First off... I can appreciate that someone is attempting to help in the
> goal of solving this printer issue... but when your answers cannot be
> found amid all the HTML garbage... is it really helping?
3. Send mail in html.  Everyone loves pretty formatting.  If it wasn't
for the fact that I am incapable of taking 1 second to change my
preferences, this would be in html too.  Besides, no one should still be
using plain text mail readers, they're outdated and useless.

> Second, as the line below states, please edit the subject to reflect
> what you are addressing, but since this post contained nothing but a
> signature (testing it perhaps?... please not on this list) and an ENTIRE
> copy of the digest, I'm not sure what an appropriate subject would be.
4. Send as many test posts to the list as you like, you don't even have
to say TESTING.  Even though your first real post to the list will be as
good as a test post, you want to make real sure don't you?

but seriously,
are three goodies.
Iain Buchanan <iain nospam pcorp com au>
There is never time to do it right, but always time to do it over.

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