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To start with I do NOT use anything but plain text, if it came out any other way is because I was using 'Ximian v1.0.8' that came with RH8. I am NOT that well versed in using Linux at this time, the other copies I have of Linux type software were never used on the web, would NOT work there. RH8 is the first one that has worked for me. I apologize for any inconviences this has caused. As far as the ISO's are concerned, I am on a dialup/w 56k modem, the end of that. Cable, DSL, etceteras are NOT within my budget.

At 02/19/2003 06:17 AM, you wrote:
First, post to the list in plain text, please.  Next you may want to
download/burn the RH8 ISO's from a mirror site like


At least then you'll know you have good media.  Who knows what the "dummies"
shipped.  A good series of books to really look at are the O'Reilly books
(http://www.oreilly.com/catalog/prdindex.html).  "Running linux" and "linux
in a nutshell" are great books, and quite easy to understand.

Yes, I have heard that the O'Reilly books are GREAT, what I know about WindBloats is from the 'school of hard knocks'. Would like to get FREE of that system that is why I am working on learning Linux, NOT just Red Hat, that will be attacked later.

Last but certainly not least, when you post a question, use a short summary
of the problem in the subject instead of something like NEWBY-HELP!.  Most

I thank you for NOT deleting and responding, that is the shortest and to the point I could think of at the time. I do NOT have the time nor the disk space to list all of the problems that have shown themselves. There is NOT a problem with the install it is with the 'keyboard' NOT working correctly when using the 'root' access, NOT 'su' from my user access.

times I'll just delete these instead of reading the email to find out what
the problem is.  Post something like "Problems with install from RH8 for
Dummies CD's"  or something more specific.

"And in my own stupidity, I did not change the subject. Sorry."

This is a quote from one of your other messages . . . If I may? You are NOT "SORRY", you are doing a GREAT service and I do appreciate what you have done.

From another one of your messages:

"And how the heck did this come through as HTML?!  AAAARGH!  One more reason
to hate Outbreak."

That is a good question, and what is OutBreak? I am running 'Ximian v1.0.8' that came with RH8. I thought that was setup for TEXT only, again I apologize.

Thank you,


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