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Re: Advice on hardware IDE RAID under RHL 8.0

>>>>> "ASB" == Agon S Buchholz <asb kefk net> writes:

ASB> 3Ware, Escalade 7500 series,

I use many of these.  I am extremely satisfied.

ASB> support for Red Hat Linux 6.2 and 7.x (8.0 not mentioned);

8.0 works just fine.

ASB> drivers are supposed to be in the default kernel - is this true?

That is the case; just build the 3w-xxx module.  Red Hat conveniently
includes this on the boot media so you can install onto a 3ware array
just as you can with any IDE or SCSI controller.  You will need GRUB
0.93 from Rawhide in order to boot directly from a 3ware array larger
than 1TB due to a bug in earlier versions of GRUB.

ASB> - not clear: what kind of bios and setup?

You access the BIOS as part of the boot sequence by pressing Alt-3.
This lets you create and maintain arrays.  You can also maintain
arrays online using their software which you access through a web
browser.  The software supports background scanning for defects and
automatic repair.  A command line interface was recently released, but
I've not tried it.

ASB> is the BIOS upgradeable?

Yes, from a boot floppy.

ASB> At the moment the 3ware Escalade 7500 series seems to be the best
ASB> option; any experiences with this device on Red Hat Linux 8.0? 

It works just fine.

ASB> How's the support, and is the device reliable?

I've never had a problem getting support, they contribute their
drivers under the GPL, and at least one employee of the company reads
the linux-ide-arrays mailing list. (Mail
linux-ide-arrays-subscribe lists math uh edu to join.)

ASB> Does it get hot? 

No.  Of course, you'll have to ventilate the case properly to cool the

ASB> Is it really slow?

No, it's plenty fast.  How fast depends on your disks and the RAID

 - J<

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