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On Wed, 19 Feb 2003, Tommy McNeely wrote:

> On Wed, 2003-02-19 at 10:33, Tom Diehl wrote:
> > 
> > Were you able to get the autofs part working?? So far I have been unable to
> > figure out how to pass args to autofs via LDAP. The parts I do have working
> > though are really cool. Still need to write some scripts to manage things
> > better though.
> > 
> I was able to get it working... Note that mine is running on a "Sun
> LDAP/NIS" server.. so you may want to use something like
> nisMapName=auto_home instead of automountMapName...

I kinda got it working also but the problem I am having is passing something
like timeout=60 to autofs. I cannot get ldap to let me put that in the
auto.master map in ldap. Without that my shares never umount automagically.
They mount just fine but....

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