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Solved One Problem (Re: My Current Annoyances)

I solved one of the problems I had with Psyche, posted
under "My Current Annoyances."  To recap, this was the

> 1. Running xine with the xv video driver will not
> work; I have to use xshm.  On my previous install,
> was fine with xshm, but now, the picture isn't
> particularly clear (rather jagged, for lack of a
> better description).  The difference is the version
> xine (before it was 0.9.13, now it's 0.9.18, I
> Any way to get it to work with xv, or to make it
> better with xshm?

What I didn't mention that the video on my IBM
ThinkPad T23 is a S3 SuperSavage IXc.  (X detects it
as a Savage4.)  To fix the problem, I found an updated
driver module at the following website:

Then, I set the display color depth to 16bpp (it was
24bpp).  I restared the X server, ran xine, and it
worked!  To my delight, I also found that the picture
quality is better, and that the video is not jerky
when watching full screen.  Hallelujah!


Blaise Pascal
pascal256 yahoo com

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