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Re: how source.tar.gz -> source.src.rpm -> binary.rpm

i started from zero and me to it:
./configure	OK
make		OK
checkinstall	Ok

the out of checkinstall...

Building RPM package...OK
Installing RPM package...OK
Erasing temporary files...OK
Writing backup package...OK
Deleting temp dir...OK

 Done. The new package has been installed and saved to
 You can remove it from your system anytime using:
      rpm -e php-4.3.1-1

and after i do:

[root lcl2 php-4.3.1]# rpm -qa | grep php
[root lcl2 php-4.3.1]# rpm -V php
Unsatisfied dependencies for php-4.3.1-1: libclntsh.so.9.0, libsybdb.so.1
[root lcl2 php-4.3.1]#

why ??? do you have any tip or idea ???

Keith Winston wrote:
Sergio Durand wrote:

hi keith !!
i went in your page and download the checkinstal...
really it's very good tool.
well, but i got a problem...
first i rpm -e php (and yours dependencies like php-pgsql, ...)
to make my system free of php ...
after ./configure and make (in source of php), i do checkconfig -R
it's works very good!!
it's created and installed the php-4.3.1-1 rpm package...
now, i wanna make a tests to learn use checkconfig...
i uninstall my new php pack (rpm -e php) to install it again
# rpm -ivh php-4.3.1-1.i386.rpm
error: Failed dependencies:
        libclntsh.so.9.0 is needed by php-4.3.1-1
        libsybdb.so.1 is needed by php-4.3.1-1
why the check config don't added this files (oracle modules) ??

How bizarre. It installed OK the first time, then the second time you got dependency errors?

Checkinstall usually creates a generic .spec file. Maybe it used a .spec file included with the PHP source tarball??

What do you get with:
rpm -qR php-4.3.1-1.i386.rpm

That should show the dependencies. I can't say I've seen that problem before.

Best Regards,

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