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Re: Seeking advice on mother board

> This is a little bit off-topic, but not entirely.  So hopefully I will
> be  forgiven.
> I want to upgrade an old PC that I have with a new motherboard, new HD,
> etc., in order to make a system which I will install RH8.0 on.  It is
> strictly for home use, but nevertheless I would like it to be a stable
> system.
> I know that I can check to see which hardware Linux runs on, but my
> question deals with the following:  Among the different motherboards
> that I  can buy, which are considered the best?  (Best built, most
> stable,  etc.)   While price is always a consideration, it is not the
> prime  consideration.


One school of thought says the most stable Linux platform is the one Linus
uses himself. I don't recall exactly how/where to look, but I'm told that
info is embedded in the official stock release tarballs.

I've had good luck with Abit, ASUS, and Tyan. My current favorite is
Tyan's S2468 dual Athlon superboard. The latest model number is S2469 with
dual on-board Ultra-320 SCSI host adapters and the ability to support a
very neat Adaptec 64-bit PCI board that makes one of those a full hardware
RAID channel. The only real "gotcha" about dual Athlon motherboards like
the S2468/S2469 is that many require a special ATXGES power supply with a
24-pin connector.

Browse thru Tom's Hardware web site.

--Doc Savage
  Fairview Heights, IL

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