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RE: DNS query (was Internet Connection Sharing)

John Nall <jnall01 alltel net> wrote:

>Thanks to some people on here I have managed to navigate the underbrush 
>(and trip over a few roots) and finally have Internet Connection Sharing 
>going on my home LAN.  I can dial in to the ISP with one and then access 
>the Internet from all three.  Which is what I wanted to do.
>However...one small query, since one thing is so ugly that it doesn't seem 
>like I should be doing it that way.  And that has to do with the name 
>resolving by the PC's on the network which have to go through the gateway.
>Once I have dialed in to the ISP with the gateway system and connected, my 
>/etc/sysconfig/network file on that system magically shows two nameservers 
>for name resolving.  They are apparently placed there as part of the 
>activation of ppp0.  Well and good.  Linux marches on.
>In order to make the other two systems work, however, I have to manually 
>place the same two IP addresses in their /etc/sysconfig/network file 
>also.  It works, yes.  But it is ugly, and it is hard to believe there is 
>not a better way to do it.  (Also, if the ISP changes those, which I don't 
>know how stable they are, then I will have to change them also).
>Seems like if the gateway computer has the DNS addresses it could just pass 
>it on to its two buddies.

Add the name server IPs to the /etc/resolv.conf file on each of the computers.

Also see  man resolv.conf

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