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Re: System freeze / hang, ping responding, can connect but noservice answers

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On Sun, 23 Feb 2003 11:45:30 +0100, Stefan Neufeind wrote:

> Since it's a server I don't run or even have a graphical surface 
> installed. Hang means: Console (Textmode) doesn't respond anymore, 
> can ping to machine okay, can connect to services but don't get a 
> respond. Some people said it might be a problem with the harrdisk-
> layer. Assuming this would for sure make clear why the running kernel 
> can work properly but neither can a service spawn new children (ssh, 
> ftp, ...) nor could syslog write to disk (and maybe cause everything 
> to stop) nor could the swap-space be accessed.

You could configure sys(k)logd to write *all* kernel log messages
to console. Maybe that will turn something up.

> Does anybody know about problems with harddisks?

U-DMA related crashes as well as certain hard disks failing to
return from sleep mode, which effectively blocks the kernel and new
processes which want to access a disk. I have entered that into
bugzilla a long time ago, and it's still there, most likely because
it can also be due to a firmware bug that will never be fixed. IIRC,
my work-around is either to avoid sending the disk into sleep mode
or to switch off DMA.

I haven't heard about other problems with harddisks.

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