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Re: snmpd configuration

On Sun, 2003-02-23 at 09:37, Justin Clacherty wrote:
> Does anyone have some links to good how-to's on configuring snmpd?  I
> want to try out MRTG to monitor the traffic and just generally give me
> some statistics on a gateway I have set up.  MRTG uses snmp to get
> data from various machines but I've never set up snmp before.

Rather than using snmp+mrtg I opted for RRDgraph (same author as mrtg,
google will point you to the site). 

I have a bit of perl called from cron which reads the files in /proc to
add data into the RRDgraph- and then produce traffic graphs.

I remember something persuaded me to use RRD over MRTG, but can't
remember what that was.

Adam Allen.

adam dynamicinteraction co uk
pgp http://search.keyserver.net:11371/pks/lookup?op=vindex&search=adam%40dynamicinteraction.co.uk

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